Things that interest me

Why is this page here ?

Well, I needed a place to store tidbits of things. This site makes it easy to update and share with friends.

Electronics – When I was 5, I took apart EVERYTHING I could get my hands on. Drove my parents crazy! Somewhere around 13, I was proficient enough to put them back together. From basic electronics to the Paralax Basic Stamp. These days the lines between electronics and software blurs as Home automation and the Internet Of Things are my focal points.

Computers – My first was an Apple IIc. Around 11 I was doing some programing in Apple Basic, and although interesting, Programing wasn’t my focal point. I really like building, and the early days of computing needing a lot of building. Jumpers for com ports and IRQ assignments, Master or slave on the IDE bus, SCSI Device ID and termination. So I built a lot of hardware back then, but now the PC is ready to go out-of-the box and IF you add anything, its probably going in a USB port. Wide area networks, Public / Private cloud, VMware, and virtual desktops are technology that peaks my interest now.

Cooking – I don’t fancy myself an expert, but I enjoy food and I enjoy making it. I started with a Big Green Egg about a year ago, and Its something I really like. Salmon sprinkled with Slavo Salt, Pizza, Beef Brisket and a nice slow roasted Boston Butt. I never expected cooking and technology to collide but for a long slow cook, a PID Temperature controller is quite handy. An iPhone (Bluetooth) paired meat probe is also nice A Temperature controller with a wifi chip is supper cool.

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